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10.25.2017 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Electric Vehicles


This is going to be part one of a two part article about EV’s. Love them, hate them, or ignore them, they’re here to stay. But, there’s so much to the story that most people aren’t thinking about, that maybe there’s some way to capitalize on this growth.  As always, the issue is “storage” meaning batteries, and it’s the stuff in the batteries that is getting hard to find.  So, let’s get through some of softball stuff fist.

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Hello everyone, let's take a look at your Tuesday...

Yesterday was madness. Was there anything that changed so significantly over the weekend that we deserved to see the market gain 263 points? no not at all. They loved the idea that the Chinese might act to add stimulus to their housing and construction markets, and they reacted to the supposed increase in business activity that would bring.

But my question all day long was this.... "is this a one day wonder, or does it have real legs?"  The jury was out and still is to some extent.

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