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Hey everyone, the Sunday edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is up already, and in this one we discuss a pretty important question. If somehow Biden were to actually steal, oops, I mean win the election, how would the market react? Some suggest that with all his Democratic friends willing to blow money on every imaginable social program that the market would continue higher. 


But I'm not so sure of that. His tax plans, his push for the Green new deal, and a host of other issues, suggests to me that Corporate America might suffer under a Biden Presidency. Now, with Trump in the hospital with the corona virus, this question becomes more important,  So, go ahead and give it a read, I think there's some good stuff in there. 

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Hello all, welcome to a new morning.....

The circus that is indeed this current Presidential race is taking on a life of its own. Last night Hillary was officially nominated as the Democratic Presidential hopeful.  The minute that happened, hundreds and hundreds of  so called Bernie people left the arena. The press did their best to cover it up with camera angles, but cell phone video's from people in the stands show it clearly. Almost half the arena emptied out

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