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9.23.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

You’ve Been Double Crossed


We face a dichotomy. It certainly doesn’t get much press and frankly most people never put two and two together, but I believe it is something we need to at least give some thought to.


We know the Central Banks of the world have inflated bubbles of enormous size in both bonds and assets, especially equities. Why have they done that? Well the common thinking is that they’ve done that to ward off economic disasters and keep economies moving higher.  Okay, let’s go with that for a minute.

12.10.2014 Rearranging the Chairs Bookmark

History shows us that as the Titanic was sinking and the situation was hopeless, a lot of folks up on deck started doing menial things. They formed singing groups, they played some music, they moved furniture around. They didn't want to look at the big picture because there was no way to fix it. They were sinking.

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