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6.22.2019 - Free Newsletter, this time Iran Bookmark

In 1970, while the US was still mucking it out in Vietnam, Edwin Starr released a single called “War”. It was a catchy, raspy, tune, perfectly in line with the times, as thousands of our men and women slugged it out in Southeast Asia.
A few of the lines stand out to me:

11.12.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to another day where your head might explode from all the things going on around the world.

First a quick review of yesterday. The day was directionless, bouncing up and down in a fairly tight range. When the final bell rang we'd lost almost 7 S&P points. It was something of a victory for the bulls because on Tuesday the S&P "tested" the lows set on Monday and they held. So seeing yesterday once again remain above the Monday low gave credence to the idea that they were willing to trade sideways for a few days and then try for higher.

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