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2.22.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday. 

Before we get into the action today, I want to mention something to some of the new subscribers. 

1) yes we do do long term holds. But we certainly don't like starting them after a 3 month melt up.
2) Yes we do options plays. 
3) yes we go short. In fact the biggest stock gains we ever had was being short the Financials back in the 2008 melt down. We had many 400% + winners. 

12.4.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Special Guest
I am honored to be friends with a man named Douglas V. Gibbs. Doug and I go back about 10+ years,  as we’d have tremendous late night chats on his radio program. Doug is a constitutional Author, speaker, instructor and radio host. He teaches constitution classes across California and his latest project will indeed bring a fascinating new program of teaching the constitution across the country.  If you want to learn and understand the constitution, and in doing so, some incredible insights into our history...Doug’s your man.
As Trump has been making his picks, one of the people he has chosen is Betsy DeVos for the Department of education. So I wanted to reach out to Doug for his view on her, considering she worked with Jeb Bush in the past and was in favor of common core. So, here’s an article he did concerning her, and it posted on his blog at politicalpistachio.blogspot (dot) com....

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