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1.3.2019 - Insiders Bookmark


Well now. 

Late yesterday afternoon, Apple's CEO Tim cook was getting questioned about how business is going. What he had to say caught 99% of the techies completely off guard. For the first time in decades, he said his revenue numbers were going to miss the estimates.

4.6.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Aw Gheez, not this again!

Yep it is. 

So, the wife and I were watching a Youtube video last night, and when it was over, I clicked over to the overnight futures. And what did I see? The DOW down 444, the S&P down 45. 

3.30.2017 Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to Thursday. 

Yesterday was not a follow through day. We might hope it was, but it really wasn't. What it was however, was a "holding" pattern. We had a nice bounce Tuesday and they didn't give it all back, so for the bulls that's a victory. I would have liked to see the DOW get a little closer to unchanged...but in the scope of things, it wasn't a horrible day. 

11.4.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Friday. 

First off lets talk about yesterday. Yesterday was yet another red day, making it 8 in a row. The last time the S&P was red 8 days in a row was 2008. Yet interestingly, it hasn't been some form of a crash, it has been kibbles and bits. A little at a time.  

Did I think we'd be red yesterday? Heck no. After 7 down in a row, I figured that they'd green up, if for no other reason than "nothing goes up or down forever".  Well I guess yesterday wasn't forever yet. 

10.5.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Wednesday.  Today we get another chance to try and figure out what the "big picture" is going to bring us. 

Monday we started out flat, and ended the day - 50ish. Yesterday we got into the green, only to end the day down 85.  This morning the futures were slightly red at 6 am, but have improved a lot. At 8 am I see the S&P up 4. 

7.19.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to your new day.

Yesterday was "almost" a pause day, but as is much too common they pulled off a win late in the day. The DOW up 16, the S&P up 5.

This morning the earnings are still coming at us as Goldman has just reported.  They supposedly beat earnings and revenue, but like all reports it's fairly doctored up.  While they beat the estimates, their income was down like 19% YOY.  Over the next week we're going to get hundreds of earnings reports, which makes for some interesting times. It's amazing to me that if these guys were reporting GAAP results, the market is trading at nosebleed levels of about 24 times earnings. That's bubble stuff. But, since no  one wants to tell the truth, they put out "adjusted" earnings and magically the ratio comes in around 17 times.

11.17.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Anyone want to make 50 MILLION dollars? Well you can if you can tell Mr. Putin who built and placed the bomb on the airliner that blew up. See, the Russians have announced that it was indeed a home made bomb that blew apart the airliner, and he's.... let's just say, upset.  He has made a universal offer of 50 million for information.

I wish I knew who did it. I'd tell them for free.  Blowing up a couple hundred innocent people on their way home, is so disgustingly vile, so cowardly, that I wouldn't even take reward money for hanging them from lampposts.

Insiders Club - 1.28.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday, and I hope it's a good one for you.

The pace of the insanity that is careening around the world lately is certainly spectacular. One of the more fun aspects of what I do for a living is waking up, flipping on the monitors and looking around for the latest example of lunacy. It doesn't take long to find.

Today we learn that in NY, a mom; unemployed and on Food stamps, with no appreciable income, wanted to buy her daughter a car to get to work. They went to a BMW dealer, and told the people that she's got no job, no income. They assured her that indeed she qualifies for the car. She got it.

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