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Insiders Club - 3.27.2015 Bookmark


Morning everyone, welcome to Friday.

Yesterday they got us well off the lows of the day and for a brief period we were actually green for a few minutes. But it couldn't hold, and we drifted into the close with the DOW off about 40 points.  That makes 4 session in a row where the DOW and the S&P ended red on the day. That's certainly not out of the realm of ordinary, but each day that goes by, now increases the odds of a quick snap back.

Insiders Club 1.21.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, are you ready for more madness? Let's get to it....

My last look at the futures last night showed that they were stable, a bit green, but nothing special. They rose during the overnight period at times, but this morning they're bright red, with the DOW off about 80. Did something change?

Not physically, no. But psychologically, yes.

China rebounded last night, taking back virtually all of Monday's mini crash lower. That came on a bit of a "wink and nod" that while they say they're going to be really staunch about tightening up monetary policy, they're willing to look the other way concerning extending Government "aid" to select companies. ( QE so to speak) Everyone read that as "full steam ahead".  So the world's traders liked what they think they saw out of China. That said....

1.15.2015 The Swiss Go Nuts Bookmark

Overnight, the Swiss national bank pulled two incredible moves...

First they cut their overnight rates to -0.75%. Yes you read that right. If you're an institution and you place money in the Swiss National bank it's going to cost you about a percent for the honor of doing so. But that wasn't nearly as "wild" as cutting the peg to the Euro. What they did there was remove the ceiling that the Franc could extend above the Euro, and it instantly soared higher on the news.

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