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5.25.2017 Bookmark


Morning all, it's Thursday and all time high day to boot. 

Yesterday, after the FOMC meeting minutes were released the market grumbled for a little while and then decided it was going to go up despite what the minutes said. What better way to respond to the Fed's who stated that they were aware of "asset valuations" being high, than to blst to all time new highs??  

12.5.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. Did you spend a large part of it putting up lights and rummaging around in the attic for Holiday decorations?  That was my destiny this weekend. The wife is a little under the weather, so the bike/beach was out. I figured I'd best use this time to get a start on all the Holiday madness.  Oh well, it's a wonderful season. 

Yesterday was the big Vote in Italy I mentioned to you  Friday and again in the newsletter. I had a pretty good hunch they'd vote NO on the idea of even more Government and more attachment to the EU. Well at about 6 pm Eastern time the vote was called. It was a resounding NO. In fact it was a land slide no. 

2.25.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Morning all....

If you read last night's Financial Intelligence Report, then you know I come into today with no really strong feeling about which way the market is going to go. We had that big reversal day yesterday, but it was once again on lower volume, and it didn't really achieve anything technically. Yes it is true that if you look at a chart, yesterday's action created a "hammer" candle and they are often indications of "more to come". But other than that.... not much else. We didn't get back the losses of the day before, and we didn't end the day above any resistance levels, etc.,

Insiders Club - 6.23.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to Tuesday and another day of Greek comedy.

2.4.2015 Greek Salad Bookmark

If you've been trying to follow the kabuki theatre comedy show out of Europe lately you know the region is fighting over Greece. Recently a Marxist won the election as he rand of a platform of basically saying "We can't pay these debts and we won't". Well now everyone is trying to get them to shut up and go with the Eurozone game plan and honor their liabilities.

12.29.2014 Oh No, Greece Again Bookmark

Don't they know the world is trying to celebrate some Holidays? Evidently not as once again the Greeks couldn't elect a majority president, tossing the country into what will be a "snap" election in January. Meanwhile a handful of their major banks are terribly on the rocks, and that has pulled most of the European markets lower.

12.24.2014 Merry Christmas! Bookmark

Merry Christmas everyone!  There's no bogus political correctness here at IY. If you're a Christian you're celebrating Christmas, not "the Holidays". If you're of another faith, fine, I hope you are or have already celebrated your particular "special day".  All we preach about is people caring about each other, enjoying sharing their time with them, and taking the time to be thankful for all you have.  It's hard to argue against that.

12.4.2014 Draghi Cuts Eurozone Growth Estimates Bookmark

Before I forget...let me mention that the latest free newsletter is posted at investyourself.com. Please check it out.  Okay, so Mario Draghi is jawboning over in Europe and he's slashed the  Eurozone's growth estimates for 2015, saying that he's going to visit monetary policy early in 2015. That's not what the market wanted to hear and the futures fell on it.

Remember folks ALL the market cares about is printing money and they don't care if it is the Fed's,Japan or Europe. Draghi just isn't giving them all they want and they're pouting about it.

Insiders Club - 11.13.2014 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Thursday.

Yesterday was a long grinding session of ...."sideways".  After a brief 60 point drop at the open, the market moved back to the unchanged level and wobbled around it for virtually the entire session. Coming into the last few minutes, they tried to make the averages green for the close, but they missed by a couple points.

Insiders Club - 10.16.2014 Bookmark


Well here we go again?

I'm writing this at 7 am, as I have to get to the studio for my radio interview at 9. Well, what I see is red across the world. This is really interesting.

Last night I took a peek at the futures right around 11 pm and they were slightly green. So, as I went to bed, it seemed that we'd probably wake up to green futures and a bit of a rebound for the open. Instead I wake up and the world is blood red. Europe is red across the board and our futures are in the toilet. We've got the DOW off 180, the S&P down 25.

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