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7.2.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the fourth of July week. Naturally the market will be closed on Wednesday for the celebration,  but please note that the market will close at 1 pm on Tuesday also. 

2.28.2018 - The Gun Ban Push in Full Press Bookmark

They needed a big event and they got one. They came up with a really diabolical plan and I have to give them credit for it. Use the brainwashed children to plead to the politicians to ban guns. It's hard for any politician to stand up to school children that are asking them if they'd take "blood money" from the NRA. 


Today's general commentary is about the full court press attack on gun owners. This is the biggest and best planned one I've seen in my 40 years of monitoring this stuff.  They're going "all in" on this one. If you're a gun owner, you'd best be following along closely here, this is big. 


In the market section, we discuss the wicked chop the market's been in, and the 300 and 400 point swings it's doing. Generally chop like that tends to portray a market willing to change direction. Since it's been going up for 9 years, is this signalling a top? We talk about that. 


Give it a read, it's good stuff. 

7.19.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to your new day.

Yesterday was "almost" a pause day, but as is much too common they pulled off a win late in the day. The DOW up 16, the S&P up 5.

This morning the earnings are still coming at us as Goldman has just reported.  They supposedly beat earnings and revenue, but like all reports it's fairly doctored up.  While they beat the estimates, their income was down like 19% YOY.  Over the next week we're going to get hundreds of earnings reports, which makes for some interesting times. It's amazing to me that if these guys were reporting GAAP results, the market is trading at nosebleed levels of about 24 times earnings. That's bubble stuff. But, since no  one wants to tell the truth, they put out "adjusted" earnings and magically the ratio comes in around 17 times.

Insiders Club - 1.26.2015 Bookmark


Is a blizzard going to be "the event?"  Don't laugh, last year they blamed all the ills of our economy on the "polar vortex" of cold air that came down from Canada.  Could we be looking at a similar situation?

I'm on record saying that the Fed's are going to continue to preach that everything is just fine in the US, no matter how ugly things truly are...UNTIL they get an event they can blame the soggy economy on.

For three days I've been hearing so much hype about the "blizzard" that's coming to the northeast that it is really quite incredible. I was watching the Weather Channel yesterday and just could not believe the fear hype they're injecting into folks. They were telling people point blank that they should run out and get a generator. Run out and buy a snowblower.  Go to the store and stock up for at least a week of food. Shelter in place, do NOT go out. Don't try and go to work. Don't plan on any travel for at least 4 days.....

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