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5.23.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


As is always the case I like to welcome you back from your weekend by asking you all if it was a pleasant one for you. Down here in sunny Florida the heat has shown up right on schedule. Yes we're in that rut now where it will be 90+ every day, with humidity hovering around 80%. As you can imagine, it doesn't take much to break a sweat now, as something as mundane as watering your plants will indeed get you dripping. People ask me "Bob, I hear the heat and humidity in south Florida during summer is pretty brutal, is it really that bad?"  The reply... Yep.  It sure is.  I'm not about to kid anyone, it does get brutal. But it's all part of the deal, so we deal with it. On the flip side, the gulf is already 82 degrees, and floating around in the surf on a lazy Sunday afternoon is hard to beat.

Insiders Club - 5.5.2015 Bookmark

Hello everyone, welcome to Tuesday and what could be another interesting day.

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