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6.5.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

They went too far
You all know how much I whine about the giant social media companies being nothing but spy-bots for the NSA, and how they are designed to control the masses. When 2 billion people use a platform such as Face book, and those facebook techs have access to all your direct messages, and what have you, they can indeed rule the world.
My biggest complaints of course are their silencing of people that don’t share their agenda. While I knew these outfits were scummy from the day they launched ( which is why I don’t really post to them) the thing that completely made me anti- Facebook was when they decided to shut down the gun groups.

5.29.2019 - Free Newsletter Bookmark

A bit ago, I was writing about how PJ Marx had his patent stolen by the US Government and ammunition contracts basically granted to someone else. That article spurred several questions, so I want to answer a few of them.
First off, I was asked if I knew about the story of Michael McKibben. Not only do I know of the story, I wrote a Sunday article about that situation. For those of you who think that some “just about average” college kid named Zuckerberg created the code for Facebook in “two weeks or so” you are greatly misguided.

5.4.2019 - We're Melting Down Bookmark

Hello everyone, the new issue of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted. Today we're looking at the meltdown of our society and the  outright war between the far left and the right. Facebook is banning influencers because they say they spread hate. It's BS. Facebook is a criminal data gathering monopoly, and they're stomping out free speech. 

Then I post some insane headlines I gathered from around the net. The things going on are mind bending. 


In the market commentary, we talk about the jobs report, which was tarted up more than a Christmas Turkey. They're so desperate now they'll make up anything to keep this market up. 

5.5.2019 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

Melting Down
Just this past Wednesday I put out an article in which I stated that the left is going to push back in furious fashion over the next year and a half. But they won’t be alone in the pushing. Conservatives, Christians, and white males have been pushed into the corner so tightly, that their next reaction is going to be to lash out.

1.31.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Hello all. 

This has been a very strange morning. I should have stayed in bed.  But I do want to shout out to my friend Bryce, who lost his dad this morning. Prayers to you and your family buddy.  We knew it was coming, but still hits hard when it does. 

12.19.2018 - Insiders Bookmark


NOTE>>>>  Our friends fly back to NJ  early tomorrow morning, and thus this afternoon is the last time we'll see them until, well, who knows. So at some point today  the wife and I are cutting out to spend time with them. The window is closing, as they'll be packing and cleaning up their condo rental this evening, so they can get to bed early.  

10.31.2018 - Insider Bookmark



I bet I didn't scare you. But this market might have lately!

8.25.2018 - Free Financial Newsletter is up Bookmark

Hello all, the Sunday edition of the  Financial Intelligence Report is up a day early. In the General commentary we talk about the problem of posting what you might think of as innocent fun on your facebook page, could come back to haunt you. Time and time again, employers and law enforcement has used peoples social media pages to look for "bad things" they've posted. 


It's worse if you're a concealed weapons permit holder and you have to unfortunately shoot someone. They will scan everything you've ever posted to see if they can make a case for you being a "killer".  


In the market commentary, we discuss the current market, where the S&P is perched at all time highs. We give the 3 examples of what could happen next, but then we explore all the buy backs, the central bank intervention, and question how far this might go. It's pretty good reading, if it does nothing but open your eyes. 


Ya know all these stock buy backs we see? Did you know that until 1982 they were illegal? Well they were, they were considered a "market manipulation". Now we see almost a TRILLION dollars worth of them!  So give the market section a read, it's pretty interesting. 

7.31.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Tuesday. 

Yesterday my plan was to do "nothing" and just watch. I think it was a good idea, as we saw some pretty interesting sell downs across quite a few sectors. 
the poster child was CAT. 

3.23.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to yet another Friday. The Speed at which they roll by is truly incredible.

Okay, down to business. You all know what happened yesterday. They were still dealing with the fall out over Facebook, and then of course the Fed's hiked rates a quarter point, and the icing was the 60 billion in tariff's that we are going to levy on China. 

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