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3.13.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Mornin all, it's Friday. But not just any Friday, it's Friday the 13th.  Boo!

Okay, so yesterday... what happened? All hell broke loose.  Despite the Federal Reserve coming out ( a day early) and announcing a TRILLION and a half of new Repo operations, the market ended the day at the lows. The DOW fell 10% on the day. 

1.8.2020 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

A World of Lies


If you’re like most folks, you don’t enjoy being lied to. But unfortunately, we as the collective Citizens of the US are lied to every day, by multiple outlets.

It’s not just the bought and paid for Main Stream Media, it’s not just the politicians, it’s not just the Federal Reserve, it’s not just the World bank or IMF, it’s all of them and more. Every day.

6.13.2018 - Free Investment Newsletter Bookmark

This Guy Trump
I’ve come through a few Presidents in my life.  But never has one stirred the pot like the present. The people that don’t like him, just don’t “don’t like him” they hate him with a fervor that’s rare to see.
Just the other day, Robert De Nero went off the reservation at the 72nd Tony Awards, the annual ceremony that’s supposed to celebrate the best of Broadway. But instead of leading off with praise for the actors and actresses, he felt it necessary to change the script.

6.12.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to an amazing time in history. 

Because Asia is on the other side of the earth, it was  last night that Trump and Kim Jong Un met up and signed a declaration. The nay sayers are already all over the airwaves saying that there was nothing concrete, no hard facts about inspections, etc. etc. 

2.5.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

NOTE>  I wanted to chat about the incessant push for the abolition of cash that’s going on around the world. The situation in India is the main reason I wanted to talk about it and James Corbett has been exploring this topic a lot lately.  So as a “primer” I want to present to you an article I wrote on April 12, 2013. Then we’ll pick up next week with what we’re seeing in the here and now.

1.6.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

The Gloves Come off

I mentioned over the weekend that I was going to get a lot more brutal in expressing just exactly what we as US citizens are facing from our Government, our markets and our politicians. I’ve been writing about these things for over 20 years now and have always tried to maintain some form of civility and keeping to the straight and narrow. Any time a topic seemed to be “too  much for folks to handle” I sort of danced around it. No more. The gloves are off.

There’s all sorts of psycho babble about normalcy bias and all that jazz, but lets cut to the chase. The Average hard working person simply wants to live his life in peace, be fairly kind to his friends and neighbors, raise his 2.4 kids, get the plastic picket fence, the dog, and enjoy life. In doing so, he tries to be a good person, and thus can’t really believe that truly evil people would screw him and his mother for a nickel. He finds it hard to believe that the Federal Reserve for instance would be criminal. Or that Wall Street is rigged. Then he sees a movie like  “The Big Short” ( which I suggest you ALL see!) and finally realizes “holy crap, we were swindled!”.  Ya think?

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