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6.26.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Friday. Another Friday. I still marvel at the speed of which they show up. 

NOTE>> My sister is flying in today to go over mom's stuff. So, since we have an extra car here, instead of her renting a vehicle and driving here from the airport, I'm going to go down and fetch her.  So I "might" be able to pull off a second update today, but I'm not sure. There certainly will NOT be an afternoon update. 

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Hello everyone, we've made it to Wednesday already. I'm sure you just "can't wait" to see what's in store for today. 

Okay, Monday and Tuesday they took some profits, they stopped buying and the market fell. In some areas the fall was severe, such as the Russell 2000.  ON Friday morning the Russell was at 1,163. By yesterday's close it was 1,118. That is a very big drop for a broad index. 

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