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12.28.2018 - Holiday Thoughts Bookmark

Today's free investment newsletter is about the Holiday Season and how we like to spend it. Then in the Market commentary, we talk about the wild ride in market land, and if it has legs into the New Year.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed penning it. 


Give it a read, hopefully it will boost your spirits!

12.21.2016 - Merry Christmas!! Bookmark

Hey everyone, today's free investing newsletter is a little shy on investment talk. This letter is a bit warm and fuzzy, and I talk about what this season really means, especially the older I get.  Yeah, it's a little mushy, but know what?  I've seen more charity, more generous people and more people willing to help others this year, than I ever knew existed.  This is even more clear here at Christmas. 

The other day we had the gent that runs Toys for Tot's here in Sarasota county in studio for a radio interview. Last year they delivered an incredible 70,000 toys to needy kids. That's just our one county folks. Amazing.  Hopefully this Christmas will even be bigger. 


Besides, today is the winter solstice and boy that's music to my ears. Being the shortest day of the year, from here on out we start to pick up minute of light. At first it's only in the evening, but by January 7th, we'll start to add daylight to both ends of the day, almost 2 minutes per day. So we can enjoy looking forward to that too!

12.7.2016 - Free Investment Newsletter! Bookmark

Hey everyone, as we look at this "Donald Trump" rally, which has taken the market to extremely new highs, we have posted the free investing newsletter tonight. It's titled "The coming wars of 2017" and in it, we discuss the war on cash that's raging around the globe and the incredibly dangerous war on free speech that's being waged. 

While the Trump rally is built on the idea that tax cuts and reduced regulations will spur company growth, the real economy of the moment is still in dire trouble. The elites, who got burned when the alternative media exposed Hillary and the DNC, have now waged an all out war over "fake news" sites.  Twitter, facebook, youtube and others have been asked to censor the posting of fake news. 

Who decides what's real and what's fake? They do. Internet trolls with an agenda do. Yes folks, 2017 is going to be an incredibly crazy year. 

10.15.2016 The Weekend Letter is Up Bookmark

The latest Financial Intelligence Report is posted and this week we talk about things you might consider doing ahead of the election. Someone's going to be elected and depending on who it is, things about your life will indeed change. You might want to plan for that. So take a few moments to read the free newsletter and see if any of it makes sense to you. 

9.28.2016 Free Investment Newsletter is UP! Bookmark

Hey Friends,

The latest edition of our free investing newsletter is posted on the site, and today we are looking at the "machine" that is indeed all the gears that are spinning to get Hillary in the office. But we show you some really interesting things concerning fake news web sites and even something pretty sinister on Hillary's actual site, something hidden "just enough" that most won't see it. 

9.3.2016 - Happy Labor Day! Bookmark

Hi Folks, I sure hope you're enjoying the start of your 3 day Holiday weekend. You people up along the East coast, take care from Tropical Storm Hermine, as I could see some wicked coastal flooding in your areas.

I posted Sunday's letter today (Saturday) and in it we dispel  some untruths about such things as inflation and deflation, and of course we whine about how the market is completely disconnected from the true state of the economy. Our view is that the next 100 days or so are going to be quite interesting to say the least. From the new FBI Files on Hillary, to the pressures mounting between the US and China....there's hot spots all over. Take a few minutes and read this weeks edition of the Financial Intelligence Report. It is our completely free investing newsletter, one that's been published now for 20 years. 

6.2.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to a new day. 

Despite dropping 122 DOW points and 10 Spoozies yesterday, they fired up the magic levitation machines and by the close we had the DOW up 2, and the S&P up 2.  Amazing eh? 

I think one of the biggest things I face almost daily is dealing with people who still think the market's are free. There's still millions of folks that actually believe this market is free and open, and each day it ends up where ever the millions of investors that have bought or sold...take it.  Well that's all wonderful thinking, but it's baloney.

Guess we weren’t nuts… Bookmark

It gets old when you’re called a conspiracy nut, or a tin foil hat wearing right wing whack-job; simply because you tell people things they’ve never heard before. I’ve been the recipient of such attacks for 25 years or more. Yeah, it gets old.

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