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5.27.2017 -Happy Memorial Day! Bookmark

Hello everyone, I hope you're having a tremendous Holiday weekend. This edition of the free newsletter is up and I spent the commentary section talking about some personal perspective of Memorial day, along with some of the issues I think our Vet's are struggling with. 

Then in the Market section, we toss out a little "proof" that the plunge protection team is really the reason this market never seems to be able to correct any more. I think you'll find it an interesting read. 

3.2.2015 NASDAQ 5000! Bookmark

First a note...Don't forget that the latest Free Newsletter is posted on the site. Please take a moment to read it, we think it has some pretty valid points you should know. Okay, so today "job 1" was for them to attack NASDAQ 5K, a level we haven't seen in a decade and a half. Well guess what? They did it.  And how is it that the market is once again making all-time new highs?

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