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5.4.2019 - We're Melting Down Bookmark

Hello everyone, the new issue of the Financial Intelligence Report is posted. Today we're looking at the meltdown of our society and the  outright war between the far left and the right. Facebook is banning influencers because they say they spread hate. It's BS. Facebook is a criminal data gathering monopoly, and they're stomping out free speech. 

Then I post some insane headlines I gathered from around the net. The things going on are mind bending. 


In the market commentary, we talk about the jobs report, which was tarted up more than a Christmas Turkey. They're so desperate now they'll make up anything to keep this market up. 

12.14.2016- Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

They Won’t Stop
As I talked about recently, the Elites found out quite brutally that just because they own the Main Stream Media, they thought they could dictate their version of the truth to people... it was the alternative media that took down Hillary. People aren’t stupid, they realize when they’re being conned and during the Hillary campaign, it was readily apparent to folks that there’s one set of laws for the elites and another set for us “common folk”.
Realizing that the power of the Internet, and what amounts to a few billion “on the spot” reporters via facebook, twitter, you-tube, insta-gram, etc.... was now so big that they can’t fool the masses with their main stream propaganda, the war against free speech is now in full bloom.

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