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2.22.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Wednesday. 

Before we get into the action today, I want to mention something to some of the new subscribers. 

1) yes we do do long term holds. But we certainly don't like starting them after a 3 month melt up.
2) Yes we do options plays. 
3) yes we go short. In fact the biggest stock gains we ever had was being short the Financials back in the 2008 melt down. We had many 400% + winners. 

1.30.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

When Worlds Collide

As each generation comes and goes, there’s always some amount of societal change that evolved along the way. Cultural stances pertaining to dress, attitude, alcohol, religion, war, all tend to ebb and flow over the decades and centuries. It wasn’t that awful long ago that people were killed in the name of Religion through the crusades, nor was it that long ago that witches were being hunted and burned at the stake. We tend to think that we’re “above” such events in the modern day, but alas Isis Muslim’s prove…we are not.

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