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3.29.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Bank of America Agrees With Me??

One of the themes I’ve been suggesting for almost 6 years now is the concept that a lot of the world is quite tired of the US, and is trying to break away. Now, for the average flag waving American Patriot, what I’m saying borders on treachery and treason. Hey, I get it.  But let’s face some facts.

Before we get into some “proof’ of the world moving away from the US, let’s just spend a minute contemplating our role in the world over the last couple decades. We’ve been caught spying on the Germans. Our NSA has admitted to recording everyone’s phone calls and emails. We’ve fomented wars in foreign lands. If the world doesn’t toe the US line concerning finance, we tend to overthrow them, fine them, or blockade them.

2.19.2015 More Greek Tragedy Bookmark

Once again the market has been whipped around a bit this morning over the situation in Greece. They went hat in hand to the Union, and asked for a 6 month extension of their loan situation. That got the futures all fired up. But the Germans said "Nein!" they aren't budging on their stance for a total bail out. So the futures quickly retreated. With the DOW attempting to push through to all time highs, they're going to need something to give them the ammunition, and so far that's not it.

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