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2.12.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, how's your day? I hope it's better than mine. 

Yesterday am, I woke up with an annoying pain in my wrist. It was very localized to a specific spot, and hurt like hell to move it. 
It didn't get any better and I used ice on it  last night. This am it's considerably worse. Just the act of typing this is akin to masochism. 

Oh and no, I have no recollection of any form of trauma. I didn't fall, hit it, etc. Very out of the blue.

1.23.2019 - Insider Bookmark


What a crazy day that was. 

I suggested back on Friday that I didn't want to add to any positions in case we stumbled into a "blood red" day. Well the futures suggested red, and we got it. After wobbling around from about - 120 to - 170, the wheels came off in the early afternoon. 

11.14.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to Wednesday. 

So, after putting in a bit of upside green yesterday, it once again couldn't hold and we ended the day slightly red. The DOW gave up about 100, the S&P about 4. The NASDAQ held up the best. 

11.18.2014 Abe Goes Full Stupid Bookmark

As you might have heard yesterday, Japan has officially entered another recession. Who'da thought that printing trillions of yen and destroying your currency would cause the economy to fall? Give me a break. So to do even more damage to his insane policy, he's ordered a vote on cabinet policy, and one of the ideas he's brewing is to literally have the Government print up gift cards that they can hand out to the poor so they can just "spend it".

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