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10.28.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to Friday! Hurray!

Yesterday they once again couldn't get us green for the close. Certainly we were well off the lows, but green was too elusive

12.31.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Happy new years Eve folks....

So this is it. The culmination of an entire year of ups and downs, and where are we? Statistically flat.  The DOW needs 220 points to go green on the year, the S&P is wobbling right at the "unchanged " line.

11.25.2015 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the "day before Thanksgiving".

One might have thought that with the downing of the Russian Fighter by a NATO nation, that the market would react pretty badly. But no, the market put in a green day yesterday. Now why would that be? Simple, as the Middle East escalates into outright war, everyone is looking for the central banks to flood the globe with even more funny money. It is no secret that Draghi's been jawboning about "doing what it takes" to create some illusion of growth in Europe and doing what it takes means cutting rates to below zero and printing even more than the 85 billion a month he's doing now. 

Insiders Club - 7.8.2015 Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

Insiders Club - 3.17.2015 Bookmark


Happy St. Patrick’s Day folks.

Down here in Florida we've got rivers tinted green and the beach if full of people wearing green hats, green beads and even green bikini's. I have a hunch there's going to be a lot of "lost time" at employers today!

Yesterday was a lot like last Thursday. For no really good reason the market put in a monster up day,  adding 228 points to the bullish pot. That put the S&P well up above the 2064 level that has caused issues in the past, and landed us back in that "no mans land" between support below and resistances above.

Insiders Club - 3.13.2015 Bookmark


So it's Friday the 13th. You don't hear too much about that being a "dark" day any more. When I was younger there was always a stigma surrounding Friday the 13th, however I can't ever remember anything happening to me or my friends or family on those days.

Maybe the spookiness will manifest in the markets?  Let's see....

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