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8.29.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to Wednesday. 


For the next several days, I have to plead for you all to be a bit understanding. I've mentioned my mom quite a few times to you all, and I have to tell you that things aren't good at all. While I did get her home, and we have a plethora of folks coming to her house, from wound care, to physical therapy to social worker, etc, everything's in a bit of a flux.  

7.15.2018 - Free Investing Newsletter Bookmark

Venezuela and You


There’s a particularly wonderful gal that works in my wife’s office, who does the scheduling for her. My wife owns a small business called “A Better Solution” which revolves around homecare. We’re the people you call when your mom’s got dementia and you don’t want her alone. Or maybe your dad needs a ride to the doctors, or maybe you just got out of the hospital and need a little help with housekeeping and meal prep. Yep, that’s us. ( By  the way, if you’re in need of any services such as that in North Port, Charlotte Harbor, Punta Gorda, etc, give us a call!)

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