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3.29.2017 Bookmark


Okay so yesterday they didn't want any part of a 9 day DOW losing streak and they made their point. After being up nearly 200 points, when the final bell rang, we had 150 DOW points showing and 15 on the S&P. It was a nice bounce, but it did come with a bit of a caveat. See, as we get near the close of business every day, the exchanges announce the "imbalances' to the buy or sell side. Often they're a few hundred million to the buy or to the close, which they try and "pair off" by the 4 pm bell. ( often it takes them a bit longer and that's why the closing price you see a 4 pm, might be a little different than say at 5 pm when it's all settled.) 

Insiders Club - 4.7.2015 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to Tuesday.

Monday they celebrated an absolutely atrocious jobs report that they couldn't cheer about on Friday because the market was closed. If that seems sort of upside down...cheering a lousy report...it is. Unless of course you're a Wall Street criminal who only cares about money printing and zero interest rates for ever.

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