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1.18.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Popcorn Ready?
Friday is either going to be one of the most spectacular scenes we’ve ever witnessed, or...it’s going to be “just another day”. Yes I’m talking about the inauguration.
If we are to believe the latest Okeefe video’s, where he’s infiltrated several organizations planning to disrupt the inaugural ball and the actual inauguration itself, there could be some serious clashes between the Trumpers and the anti-Trumpers.  There are definitely whacked out people looking to disrupt the procedure in any way they can, from stink bombing the building to shutting down all DC roads and railways

1.7.2017 - The New Free Investing Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hey friends, the Newest edition of the Financial Intelligence Report, which is our completely free, ad free investment newsletter is posted on the site. In this edition we're examining the incredible witch hunt that's going on concerning blaming the Russians for influencing our elections. But we go deeper than that. We discuss the Seth Rich murder, and what his lawyer has to say about who murdered him. 

These are interesting times folks and with just a little over a week ahead of the inauguration, who knows what kind of madness we'll see?  Then we discuss the push for DOW 20K and how we came within a "hair" of hitting it Friday. Will we overtake it this week? Ahh, read the letter and see what we think. 

8.21.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

What’s coming?
Every day there’s some new, strange situation for us to chew on. Make NO mistake folks, this election is the single biggest election of our lives. How can I say that? Easy. Look at the rabid way they’re trying to push Hillary into the White house. Look at the way they’re burying the Email scandal, and the Clinton Foundation scandal. Look at the way they’re vilifying Trump for every word the man says. This is out and out war like we’ve never seen.

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