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12.27.2019 - Insider club Bookmark


Unleash the madness!  For what ever reason, they decided yesterday was a good day to start really pouring it on.  The monster names like AAPL had enormous gains. But not much compares to AMZN gaining almost 80 bucks a share. In one day. 

Go figure. 

12.28.2017 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, it's Thursday already. These Monday Holidays toss my whole week into a tizzy, how'd it get to be Thursday already?  Oh well. 

So yesterday they allowed the market to rise, but it was a low volume event that didn't get terribly far.  It was the second lowest volume day of the year. This morning the futures are again green, but not by too much. That said, they have been rising since 6 am, and by 6:30 were up 47 on the DOW.

Insiders Club - 12.29.2014 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to the last week of 2014.  I hope you're enjoying yourselves during this Holiday period.

Down here in SouthWest Florida, you have no choice but to notice all the "visiting families". It is very common for families from up north to come down and visit their parents and grand parents who have moved to the area for the weather. So our roads are choked, the stores packed, the bars and restaurants loaded. While it puts a bit of a strain on those of us who live here, at least it's all for a good cause. Families should get together for the Holidays.

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