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7.14.2020 - Insider Bookmark


Mornin all, how's things?  Wonderful I hope. 

So yesterday got funny. The averages were bright bright green, with the DOW up 500 points and the NASDAQ up almost 200.  Then "it" happened. It all fell apart. Instead of being up 500 the DOW ended the day green by 10. The S&P and NASDAQ went deep red.  Okay, so what was "it?"  Well, there's a couple choices we could make.

4.12.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Another Friday is upon us, but not just any Friday, it's the first day of earnings Friday. 

Interestingly the futures were absolutely on fire ahead of the first report out of JP Morgan. We had the DOW futures up 158 at 6:30.

1.15.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to another day in this crazy market. 

I got up early this morning, found some coffee and settled into my office chair. I flipped on the monitor, and the first thing I saw was the DOW futures up 106 points. Okay, nothing blew up over night. 

Then we got the build up to JP Morgan's earnings release. All the analysts were getting excited, but when the earnings hit... they missed. Big.

10.12.2017 Bookmark


It took them most of the day, and getting past the Fed's minutes, but they scratched and clawed and sure enough, we ended the day green. The DOW got 42, the S&P got it's "tenth of what the DOW does" nabbing 4 and another green day goes in the pocket. 

3.21.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, happy Tuesday to you. 

We are going to hope that today brings us a bit more excitement.  Yesterday was like the last 15 sessions...hugging the flat line, and going nowhere fast. How flat is this market? Well, except for the times when the Central bankers have "pushed the market", check this...

12.7.2016 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday.  

Yesterday they walked the S&P right up to the recent all time high. On November 25th, we closed the S&P at 2213. Yesterday we gained 7 points to end at 2212. Are they going to be able to bust us through that resistance, or are we going to see a fade back?  That's a tough call. They certainly have been willing to move us higher day by day... now we get to see if they have the strength to put us up and over. I think we might need another pause day or two before they pull it off, but we'll see. 

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