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2.28.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to yet another day of "who the hell knows!"

The first headline I bumped into was that Trump walked away from the table in Hanoi. Evidently Kim Jong and him couldn't come to a total agreement, and they decided to leave things as they sit. 

2.27.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, we've made it to that annoying Geico commercial day - Hump day.

There's so much going on today that it will be quite entertaining to watch. First off we have Trump and Kim Jong meeting in Vietnam. That ought to produce some interesting news bytes. 

Then of course we have the Cohen testimony. I have already seen and read his prepared statement, and there's enough in there to get the Democrats foaming at the mouth. You can bet that the 6 pm news will be "nothing but" that coverage. 

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