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4.29.2016 - A Crazy Week Bookmark

What a week it's been. Yellen Chickened out of talking tough about interest rates, and the market loved that. The market then expected the Japanese Central Bank to come out with an even bigger QE program and see them buying more ETF's and individual stocks. But no, Kuroda pulled a fast one on them and did NOTHING extra. So all the stocks and currency swaps the Street had bought in anticipation had to be unrolled. As they were doing that, Carl Icahn came on CNBC Thursday and said he had sold his whole stake in Apple, and that he wasn't too positive about the overall market. That sent us down 200 points.   Today should be interesting to say the least. Do they once again "buy the dip", or do they let the rug get pulled?  You'll know shortly.

4.28.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Morning all, welcome to the day....

Last night we got confirmation that every single thing I ranted about in the newsletter was spot on. Everyone and his brother was convinced that the Bank of Japan was going to increase their QE program and thus knock down the yen, and boost stock prices. So they got positioned for that.

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