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6.16.2016 - I was told gun control works Bookmark

The loony left says they want more and more gun control. They say it solves everything. Well today in the UK, Labour party 'member of Parliament"  (MP) Jo Cox, was shot dead with a pistol. Are pistols legal in the UK? Let's look... 

According to an English rifle and gun club legal center, any person possessing a firearm in the U.K. must posses a Shotgun Certificate or a Firearm Certificate. Machine guns, pepper spray, semi-automatic, and pump-action rifles, and any firearm that has a barrel less than 30 centimeters in length are prohibited. . All handguns, semi-automatic and pump-action non-rim-fire rifles are prohibited 

OOPS. It seems pistols are illegal. Yet somehow this lunatic, got one, made one, found one, etc.  That's the point folks, Bad people, evil people will find a way to do evil. Remember Boston? They used pressure cookers. Banning guns just turns America into a hunting preserve for the Mentally unstable. 

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