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10.18.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to hump day. 

I wasn't able to watch the action yesterday as I was tied up with medical all day. But last evening when I got to looking around, I was a bit surprised at some things. For instance, the market ended the day green, which wasn't surprising, but I was sort of caught off guard by being stopped out of ADSK.  With earnings coming up and the market trudging higher, I thought that might be a safe call. But instead, after opening well and spiking to almost 120 in the first few minutes, it faded off and I stopped out at 118.50. Granted I had a tight leash on it, but I wouldn't have expected a red day. 

Insiders Club - 8.26.2015 Bookmark

Morning all, welcome to Wednesday...

I got a call from my friend Ted right around  15 minutes into the close. He said "Are you watching the battle going on in the DOW?!"  To which I said no, I had stepped out front to chat with the UPS driver that delivered a package.  "Why Ted, what's up?"

He said that the market was whipping up and down in huge 100+ chunks as they try and keep the market green.

I ran in to watch the insanity unfold and it was really incredible. From down 120 to down just 20 to down 150 back to down just 50 to finally end the show with the DOW off 204.

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