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12.16.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, how was your weekend? I certainly hope it was wonderful for you all. We had a grand time visiting with our friends who are down from NJ, and really enjoyed the company/conversations and a stunning sunset. A good time was had by all. 
Sunday was a bit more low key than they usually are. The wife wasn't up to our weekly walk, so we fussed around the house, and I tossed up a big pot of Clam Chowder. Hey, taking a break once in a while isn't all bad!

5.31.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Hello all, another Friday is upon us.

This market is definitely akin to walking a mine field.  After putting in a meager up day yesterday, today we wake to blood red futures. Why? Two reasons actually. The manufacturing numbers out of China were disappointing at best. No one liked that. But secondly, Trump has announced a 5% tariff on Mexico.

6.3.2017 - One Gram...The Start? Bookmark

The free letter is up for the weekend and in it we look at the new digital currency backed by a gram of gold, called cunningly enough "OneGram".  We talk about how or if this is going to affect the gold market, since it will allow Muslims that were barred from using gold for transactions, to begin. Estimates are that if just 1% start using gold assets, it will create 1000 tons of demand per year. 


Of course we mention the new all time highs too. They seem pretty common lately, despite the obvious slowdown in jobs and manufacturing.  

12.15.2016 Bookmark


Wow, only ten days till Christmas.  Have you gotten your special people their presents? I have to admit... I'm not close to being finished.  (there's something new)

4.1.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all we've made it to April fools day.  Considering we play in the markets, it would be easy to come up with an April fool's joke, in fact we're going  to see one this morning with the jobs report.

While Wall Street and the politicians love to point to the unemployment rate as proof they've done a great job in the "recovery" , they aren't fast to talk about the participation rates, or the complexion of the jobs. People working two part time jobs, instead of one good paying job is NOT wonderful. People working as waitresses and bartenders versus building things to sell around the world isn''t wonderful.

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