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6.24.20165 - Insiders Club Bookmark



The other day I penned a letter and I titled it "historic".  The Wednesday letter was about all the historic things we have going on. Negative interest rates, mass Muslim migration, the push for a new cold war with Russia, etc.  

Well today more history has just made the books. Despite the rigging, despite the fear mongering, the British people voted to LEAVE the EU.   ALL the polling was political baloney. All the exit polls were perverted. The ONLY thing that was correct was google analytics, which suggested that Britain would indeed leave. 

5.13.2016 - Retail Sales Beat Estimates? Bookmark

This is almost too funny. We've just come through an earnings season where the retailers produced absolutely horrid numbers, and many of them slashed their estimates for the year. Confessions such as this were a daily event.... JC PENNEY 1Q NET SALES $2.81B, EST. $2.92B; CUTS YR GROSS MARGIN FORECAST.  Yet according to Uncle Sam and his bean counters, Retail sales ROSE 1.3%, beating the estimates for a gain of 0.8%.   How is that possible? Magic I tell you.

Insiders Club - 8.27.2015 Bookmark


Hey everyone, welcome to Thursday.

There was no margin call selling yesterday afternoon. Instead the buy the dip crowd rushed out of the woodwork and in the last hour we soared higher. Okay that's fine, because frankly that's the kind of wicked bounce we thought we were going to get Tuesday, but it didn't hold.

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