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1.27.2017 Bookmark


Mornin' all, we've made it to Friday. I wonder what it brings....

Okay so we got our DOW 20K and yesterday we spent the session digesting that move.  While the DOW managed to inch higher, gaining 32, the S&P couldn't stay green and ended the day down a point. However once again there was horrible volume. At the end of the day the SPY only traded 60 million shares.  To put that in perspective, back on Nov 9th when they all decided that a Trump win might indeed end up being okay, the volume was 259 million. When you get an up day ( or down for that matter) on big volume, you know the move is confirmed. It shows that a "lot" of people traded a LOT of stock.  

5.20.2016 - It's Vegas Play Day! Bookmark

Today's the day we're going to release a new "Vegas Play".  What's a Vegas Play? Well it's sort of like going to Vegas and putting all your money on Red, only with a nice twist. We can't lose all our money if it goes against us.  The first play which we began in Late October is doing really well. With an initial investment of 19K, we're now up 145K.  Hey, maybe we just got lucky? Maybe even a blind squirrel found a nut? Maybe, but that wouldn't explain the fact that we did a "Vegas play" back in 2010 - 2011 and 30K turned into 1.2 Million.  While there's NO guarantee that today's play will mimic the one that's in play, we feel pretty good about it.  Sign up and see if you agree with this one.

5.15.2016 -Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Your Next Half a Million

There are times when the stars line up. But they’re rare times. I’ve been personally investing for about 25 years now, and writing these letters for 20. In all those years, there’s only been a handful of times when things looked just right for a big take.

In May of 1996, AOL the leading Internet company of the day, was getting pounded. It had fallen from 70 a share in 94, to just 25 bucks. I looked through the data and decided that AOL was horribly underpriced and told the readers of my first Newsletter ( which was called “News Picks” at the time), that I was going “All in” on AOL.   By early 1998, it was 100.00 a share. Then it split, giving us twice the number of shares. Then it simply ran higher and higher again. Amazingly, it was running so high so fast, they did ANOTHER 2 for 1 split in the same year!   By the time we had sold it in 1999, We were up an incredible 1300+%.  It was the single biggest trade of my life until then.

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