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1.8.2018 - Insiders Bookmark


Good morning all, and welcome back from what I hope was a great weekend for you all. 

As you know, my true anniversary is in February, in what I kiddingly call "hell week".  Don't laught, see the 14th is Valentines day, the 16th is the wife's birthday and the 19th is our true anniversary. I get hit 3 times in the same week!  
But it's hard in Sarasota, Tampa, St. Pete, etc to find places to go in mid February because all the "snow birds" invade from up north and the Hotels are full, the resorts are full, the eateries are full, etc. 

7.19.2017 Bookmark


Mornin' all, welcome to Wednesday. 

Yesterday was a very strange day. We had the DOW lagging badly, the S&P trying to hold flat and the NASDAQ creeping higher into the green. While the DOW closed well off its intra day low, it was still down 54, while the S&P gained 1 and the NASDAQ gained almost 30. The volume however was dismal.  So we've now gone the longest stretch of time in 20 years without a 5% correction. 

6.20.2017 Bookmark


Hello all.... ready for more?

So it's a sleepy June weekend. Nothing big going on except for an escalation over in Syria.  We come into Monday and for "some" reason ( probably related to Friday's options expirations)  we put in a massive up day, gaining 145 DOW points, 20 S&P's, anjd 87 on the NASDAQ.  Tech rebounded from it's tiny sell off of the previous week, Financials got a bid, and the industrials continued higher. It was pretty amazing to watch. 

6.12.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from your weekend. As always I hope it was a great one for you. 

2.23.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to the day. 

So, I guess we could call yesterday "pink". The NASDAQ was slightly red, the S&P slightly red, and the DOW slightly green. I guess that in this run up, that's about all the "pause" we're going to get.

8.12.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Hello everyone and good morning to you all....

Yesterday was historic in a way. For the first time since 1999 did we see the DOW the S&P and the NASDAQ hit all time highs on the same day. In a way that's sort of ominous. Why? Because after all the joy and happiness of the insane run up, the market crashed with the NASDAQ losing 60% of those gains.  Over 200 companies that had share prices over 100 dollars...were trading at a dollar.

9.16.2015 Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Death of an Age


Over the course of history there’s been many “ages” that we speak of. The Dark ages, the Bronze age, the Industrial age all come to mind. And as time marches on, one age passes into obscurity as a new age dawns. This has been the natural way since man first started finger painting on cave walls thousands of years ago.

I’m not sure we’re experiencing the death of an age so to speak, but more like that of an era. If you polled a group of people, they’d probably suggest that the global economy is still trying to recover from the great financial implosion of the 2007 – 09 period. I however have a slightly different take on that. I tend to believe than an entire “era” of economic expansion has run its course, an Era that started more than 30 years ago.

3.2.2015 NASDAQ 5000! Bookmark

First a note...Don't forget that the latest Free Newsletter is posted on the site. Please take a moment to read it, we think it has some pretty valid points you should know. Okay, so today "job 1" was for them to attack NASDAQ 5K, a level we haven't seen in a decade and a half. Well guess what? They did it.  And how is it that the market is once again making all-time new highs?

Insiders Club - 2.27.2015 Bookmark


Morning all....

Yesterday the market put in a long boring session which is about what we expected. We also thought the insane drive to NASDAQ 5K would continue and sure enough, while the DOW and S&P were soggy, the tech index did pretty well.

I'm typing this pretty early today as I have to get on the road soon, but at 6:30 am we've got the DOW and S&P futures slightly red. So what's today going to bring?

2.26.2015 Investing Newsletter Posted Bookmark

Just a heads up that our latest free investing newsletter is posted for all to read. This issue is concerning social media and the "bubble" that it has morphed into. While we all enjoy the FaceBooks and Twitter's for the service they can provide us, we see a lot of examples of where people have gone way over the top with their obsession with it.

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