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5.14.2016 - The New Issue is Up! Bookmark

The new issue of the Financial Intelligence Report is on the site, and in it we're discussing the next "Vegas Play" which we're going to release this week. While of course there's no guarantees, the fact is that the Vegas play that's in motion right now is up 531% for us. Will the next one do the same or better? Could be!   Then just to make things even more fun, we had Frankie Abbruzzino from the "Scoop News" in studio with us for the first "Freaky Friday" radio show. Frankie took a video with his phone of the entire show, and it's a hoot! Sure the quality is sub par, and the audio is lacking at times. But it was just an experiment for his Face book pages. Check it out here  https://www.facebook.com/frankieabbruzzino/videos/616874908491209/

Insiders Club - 9.23.2015 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

Events around the world "feel" like they're accelerating. Sometimes you wonder if it is just the ever increasing amount of information we're able to get now, but I don't think that's it.  The "news flow" just seems to go faster and faster lately.

Insiders Club - 9.29.2014 Bookmark


NOTE> We've changed the site to a new server. Everything should work just the way it always did, you log in, scroll to category, select Insiders Club, etc. We don't expect any issues.

Didn't we gain almost 200 points Friday? We did.

So why are we looking at the futures at 7 am, down 100 here this morning?  Ahh, the plot thickens...

Markets use "news" as an excuse for making a move. If the market wants to go up, it will find some little tidbit of news to use as the excuse for why it's doing so. If it wants down, it will take what ever news it decides will be the "reason" for the downdraft. So today we've got the futures in the toilet and the "word" has it that it is because of the protests in Hong Kong.

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