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12.13.2019 - Insider Bookmark


Deal Or No deal?  Who knows? 

Hi all, first off I want to just say that yesterday was certainly the best day my wife has had in two months. Our friends from NJ came down, and have rented the coziest little beach front efficiency I've ever seen. So, we met them there, and chatted for an hour, then went for a truly wonderful lunch. Then it was back to their place, where Jimmy and I took the rods out on the beach and spent a couple hours catching ladyfish and Spanish mackerel, while the gals stayed on the deck chatting. I haven't seen her that chatty and smiling since before chemo.

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Good morning folks, we've made it to Friday and what an amazingly strange week it's been.

Yesterday was something of an enigma. At the noon hour, the market was struggling to hold green, with the DOW coming down from about 100 points, to just +39 points at one moment. But then shortly after 1, they started pushing things higher and higher and by the time the bell rang to close out the show , we'd gained 215 DOW points, but more importantly, an incredible 29 S&P points, which pushed the S&P up and over the resistance of 2020. 

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