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2.9.2019 - Ever listen to NPR? Bookmark

NOTE> The next issue of Horizons (a letter for the longer term investor) goes out this evening. 

In that issue, we're going to discuss attempting to create a portfolio in something as restrictive as a 401K, that has the least risk, while possibly taking in above average gains.  If you're the person with only a 401K, and wonder where to allocate things, this might be the time to sign up for Horizons. Just click here:


I've been listening to NPR as I travel to and from my wife's office, and let me tell you...the level of brainwashing and Trump bashing is beyond off the charts. I always gave first place to CNN as being the worst offender of fake news, but after a month of NPR, I think we've got a pretty close contest brewing. 


So in this edition of our free investment newsletter, we talk about the brainwashing that's been forced on us via the media and how incredibly dangerous all this has become.  Naturally we talk about the stock market and the "miracle" we witness concerning the DOW and it's 200 day moving average.  Give us a read, it's good stuff!

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