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10.2.2015 Shameless Plug! Bookmark

In our Friday 1:30 members update we have laid out the basics of a plan that has the potential to turn 18.5K dollars into 520,000 in two years.  Is this some pie in the sky, voodoo baloney? Not at all. In fact it is an exact copy of a play made in 2010 - 2011 that absolutely did take 30K and turn it into 1.2 million dollars.

Naturally there's absolutely no guarantee this will happen again. But from where I sit the timing is almost perfect, the sector ripe, and the potential is huge.  Sure it's a shameless plug that you should join our Insiders Club. But then I think everyone should be a member anyway. We slice and dice what's really happening in the market, and put out investing ideas that make sense, Not cheerleading hype by the Wall Street Machine and the Criminal Feds. 

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