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10.11.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Morning all. 

The Algo-bots ganged up on each other yesterday, and didn't quite know how to stop it. The end result of course was that we ended the day down over 800, with the S&P down 90.  That's a pretty big drop. 

After hours, the futures were all over the map, and early this morning they were really blood red. At 6 am, we had the DOW indicated down another 360.  

5.20.2016 - It's Vegas Play Day! Bookmark

Today's the day we're going to release a new "Vegas Play".  What's a Vegas Play? Well it's sort of like going to Vegas and putting all your money on Red, only with a nice twist. We can't lose all our money if it goes against us.  The first play which we began in Late October is doing really well. With an initial investment of 19K, we're now up 145K.  Hey, maybe we just got lucky? Maybe even a blind squirrel found a nut? Maybe, but that wouldn't explain the fact that we did a "Vegas play" back in 2010 - 2011 and 30K turned into 1.2 Million.  While there's NO guarantee that today's play will mimic the one that's in play, we feel pretty good about it.  Sign up and see if you agree with this one.

Insiders Club - 3.23.2015 Bookmark


Sorry about the brain cramp I must have had this am. After discussing why we should probably open our stops a bit this morning, I promptly forgot to tell you where I placed them.

But now it seems my head is functioning, so lets move along.

AKAM was indeed a tad weak this am, So I took the stops off figuring it was just "options hangover". It faded to 72.53 and then bounced to 73.20. That's still "red" by 6 cents from our entry, which doesn't much make me happy.

CTSH is also lagging the field. It didn't fall far at the open, but it too is red from where we took it and I don't much like that when the day is bright green.

I'll place the new stop on AKAM at 72.49 and hold the CTSH at 63.50.

The bigger question is... do we add here or wait and see?

Here's the thinking.

The S&P all time high close is roughly 2117. We're sitting at 2113. I suspect it might take a bit of "work" to get through that old high if indeed they are going to try. So we might bee a bit more pushing and pulling before the final decision is made. With that in mind, I think it wisest to be patient here, and wait to see if they can pull it off or not.

names that are looking interesting if the market does move up are...

WFC over 56.30
TROW over 84.40

So lets keep an eye on this and see if they have the momentum to push us up and over into new high territory or if resistance holds. We'll chat after the lunch crowd/European close takes place.




Good morning all, welcome back from the weekend. I hope you all had something wonderful to do and the weather cooperated for you.

Last night at about 9 pm, I flipped over to Bloomberg to see where the futures were at. Interestingly they were up almost 145 points. So this morning I was a bit shocked to see red futures. But as is often the case they "came in" and now at 8 am, the DOW and  the S&P are both green by a bit.

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