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11.6.2018 - Insider Club Bookmark


Hello all, first let me start by saying I really blew it yesterday as far as what the market would do. I expected a flat day, and instead we got a 200 point up day. Go figure. 

11.9.2016 Bookmark


Well well. 

Yes I'm tired. My eyes are bleeding. I, like so many.... stayed up till the end.  

There's so much I want to say, but I'm going to have to save it up for tonight's letter. What I will say is this, "anecdotal".   Over and over I continued to see Trump pack stadiums with 15, 20, 22,000 people. Then Hillary would struggle to fill high school gyms. I watched the Trump video's get millions of views. I saw the Hillary video's get a few thousands.   Over and Over I mentioned the idea that "if Hillary steals this"..... I meant what I said. I could tell the voters were going to be there, but would they bury the votes somehow? 

8.17.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Media Guilty and Should Pay

There’s left leaning people and there’s right leaning people. Rarely is the time when a lefty or righty can drag someone across the line from their camp into their own camp. Most people are pretty rigid about it. While I find it absolutely brain cramping, statements like “I’m a lifelong Democrat ( or Republican) and will vote may party” unfortunately it is indeed true. Many folks don’t care of the issues or the stance. It’s all about their party.

9.20.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to Wednesday.

So it's official, Donald Trump is indeed the Republican nominee for President. So far throughout the convention there's been the typical drama that tends to surround this race. We had the delegates that put on their pout party, we had everyone and their brother jump on the few lines that Melania's speech writer lifted. We had all manner of goofy things going on. But in the end, he's the man of the hour.

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