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8.5.2017 - Watch the Heaven's!! Bookmark

Hey Folks, this week we're talking about two events that are soon to be coming our way. The fist is the solar eclipse of August 21, where for the first time since 1918 we're going to have a "total" eclipse observable by millions across the US. The second is the fact that on September 23, the Constellation Virgo is going to look exactly like the description given in Revelations, verse 12.  

Are we about to see some significant astrological event, pretold thousands of years ago?  Hey, I guess it's possible. Then, of course we make comment about yet another all time high in the market, something that they've pulled off about 38 times so far since the Presidential Election. 


It certainly is an interesting time, a time I've never seen before. Central banks buying stocks, vicious infighting between the Deep State agencies, War drums all around the world, etc. My my.  Anyway, it's a good read, give it a shot. 

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