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3.6.2017 Bookmark


Gooood morning all, welcome to a new day and week. 

As usual, I'll take a couple seconds to chat about our weekend, not that anyone would care really. I only do it as "suggestions" for any others that might be traveling or visiting down our way. Our general mode of operation is that Saturday we do a bit of running around, top off the groceries, etc. etc. Then Sunday after Church we generally bike the paved Venetian trail, which ends at Capserson beach.  And then we stroll the beach for a couple miles, play in the water, get some sun and then walk and ride our way back. But we've done if for so long, we decided it's time to try a month of doing something different. Two weekends ago we walked the 4 mile round trip on The Tampa/St.Pete skyway pier. Last weekend we put in about 4 miles in the Robinson nature preserve.

2.27.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. No matter where you live, I hope it was a great one for you and the weather didn't beat you up. As always I'll bore you to tears with ours. 

First off the weather was....well the weather was why Sarasota is growing like a weed. Both Saturday and Sunday were story book. 78 degrees, not a cloud in the deep blue sky. Of course another reason for our outrageous growth is our beaches. Trip Advisor came out Thursday and listed Siesta Key beach as the single best beach in America.  A few years back when "Dr. Beach" did that, we saw a massive spike in  tourism that year. I figure the trip advisor listing will bring even more folks.   To be brutally honest... we've over grown ourselves. The traffic is horrendous and go ahead and try and get a seat at your favorite  restaurant on a Friday or Saturday evening.  Good luck wit dat.  Oh and that "number one beach?" You'd best get there by 8 am on a weekend if you want to see it, or...there'll be no where to park. 

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