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12.1.2018 Free Newsletter is up! Bookmark

Hello all, the weekend edition of the Free investment newsletter is now posted, and in this issue, we discuss the UN's new migration policy, and what that's all about. But we also hint about the G20 meeting in Argentina, and we even find a way to tie Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer into the conversation! How does that work? 



12.2.2018 - Free Financial Newsletter Bookmark

G20, The UN, and Rudolph
One might ponder how Rudolph the Reindeer gets included in an article concerning the UN and the G20 meeting, but I think you’ll see that there is a connection.
First off, as I’ve been mentioning for several weeks, the big headline news is that Trump and XI are meeting in Argentina at the G20 assembly, and the topic de-jour is of course tariffs. I’ve got a bit of an issue writing about that, because it is Saturday as I pen this, and their meeting isn’t over until this evening. So, by the time you are reading this Sunday morning, what ever happened is probably all over the news

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