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5.9.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to a new day. 

For no really good reason, the market is poised to move higher. Now, whether it can pull it off or not is a different question. 

12.8.2016 Bookmark


Well that was certainly quite a show yesterday!  Silly me thought that the 2213 high set on Nov. 25th might hold as resistance for a day or two. Ha, it held for about an hour and then all hell broke loose. 300 DOW points and 29 S&P's is not insignificant. It's huge. 

That move had many asking if it was a "blow off top?" and I can certainly understand that thinking. Breaking to all time highs on a 300 point day does have the look of desperation. But you have to understand something here... we are in a time NEVER seen before. 

Insiders Club - 12.9.2014 Bookmark


Good morning all, get your seatbelts tightened.

The futures at 8 am are in the red. The DOW off 125.

Yesterday the market put in a 100+ point fall. That was the biggest slip in months, as the Central bank fueled rally simply pushed stocks higher almost every day. While 100 points in an 18K market is "nothing", the things that are going on in the world are indeed "something".

Insiders Club - 9.25.2014 Bookmark





Good morning everyone, welcome to the day.

Okay you all know what happened yesterday. Out of nowhere they created a big fat bounce day. So in one session, they pulled the market from the edge of the cliff, and saved the day. The question is simple.... are we in the clear for more gains, or was it a one day event?  The answer isn't so easy to say.

You all know what's been going on for the last 3 years. Every time the market is looking like it is ready for a serious pull down, "they" come in with algo's blazing to save us. But as this pattern has played out over and over...the market has become narrower and narrower. By narrow we mean that less and less stocks are benefiting from the Fed induced, mega-bank induced push higher.

Insiders Club -9.24.2014 Bookmark



Hello everyone, we've made it to Wednesday already. I'm sure you just "can't wait" to see what's in store for today. 

Okay, Monday and Tuesday they took some profits, they stopped buying and the market fell. In some areas the fall was severe, such as the Russell 2000.  ON Friday morning the Russell was at 1,163. By yesterday's close it was 1,118. That is a very big drop for a broad index. 

Insiders Club - 9.23.2014 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome to another day of "how the market turns"

Yesterday the market was weak right from the giddy up and we put in a pretty soggy session. On Sunday I devoted the entire letter to the idea that all the ducks were lined up for a pull back....but would they let it happen?  Frankly we still don't know. 

Yes we put in a red day. Yes the Russell fell like a rock. But...one day does not a trend make, and these criminals have rushed in to save the day many many times in the past.

Insiders Club - 9.22.9014 Bookmark



Good morning all, welcome back from the weekend. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend "break" and enjoyed it with family and friends. We had a wonderful time and as usual, our only complaint is that the two days go by so quickly. I'm all in favor of a 3 day weekend!!

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