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3.22.2018 - Insider Bookmark

Morning all, welcome to Thursday. 

Okay, so we got our little rate hike, and Powell didn't push for more of them than the market already expected. So that's the market's "good" news. The bad news is that all this supposed growth we've gotten has been on the heels of ultra low rates, which spurred companies to borrow like mad and use that money to buy back shares. 

5.20.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Did you see it??  Please tell  me you saw it.....

At one point, the DOW was off 195 points, the S&P down 25. At one point the S&P was trading at 2025, miles below that mystical 2040 I've been harping on for a week. But as the afternoon progressed, they cut the DOW loss in half. The S&P was marching higher and higher off the lows. When the Bell rang the S&P was at 2039.94. Then as more trades settled out, it was 2039.95, then .97..and then at 4:02 the brass ring.....2040.03


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