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5.16.2017 Bookmark


Good morning folks, welcome to Tuesday and I hope it's a happy one for you all. 

So, they did it. With just 55 million shares of the SPY traded all day, they eeked out a new all time high...even on a closing basis.  The DOW had hit 21K during the session, but came up 19 points shy at the close. As I whined about at the 10:40 update yesterday, of course this made no real sense. Not one person in ten thousand can quantify the amount of business lost through out Europe over the malware attack. Yet they didn't care. We had a negative Empire report. They didn't care. No, it was Monday so it was time to set new highs.

2.1.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome back from your weekend. We trust it was a great one for you all.  Ours was indeed quite a bit of fun as Saturday evening we enjoyed the company of some good friends. We had some great conversation, some darned good pizza, and enjoyed some UFC matches to boot. Then Sunday came and I got to enjoy one of those "internet" moments that I have enjoyed for so many years.

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