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5.16.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to hump day.  

Yesterday the market had a bad hair day, and the general excuse is that it was because interest rates continued to climb.  It simply doesn't like seeing the 10 year over 3%. 

4.27.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, we've made it to another Friday. 

Okay, so Tuesday we reached down almost to the S&P 200 day. Then Wednesday they let it dip just a bit more before the  rescue kicked in. Yesterday, they figured that everything was just fine and up we went. While we didn't close at the highs of the day, lets not kid ourselves. We gained 238 on the DOW and about 28 on the S&P. 

3.6.2018 - Insider Bookmark


Good morning all, and what a wild morning it portends to be. 

The futures were up smartly overnight, but then they got "silly" high for a while. The reason? Well in what can only be called a diplomatic victory, Kim Jung Un of North Korea fame has formally hinted that he'd be okay denuclearizing if his regime was allowed to remain stable.  Kim also held out an olive branch to South Korea, suggesting that they should work hard to reunify the peninsula, and attain peace. 

8.21.2017 Bookmark


Good morning everyone, welcome back from what I hope was a great weekend for you all. Mine wasn't all that glamorous. The wife was still up in NJ wrapping up her visit with her dad and brother, and I hung around down here, keeping an eye on my 90 year old mom and my son. But I did get some things accomplished that desperately needed doing, so that's a big plus.  Then late last night the wife flew back in, and while it was a late night getting home, we did fine. 

Insiders Club - 3.12.2015 Bookmark


Yesterday it was Thailand that cut its interest rates. Today we learn south Korea cut their rates. I've lost track of the number in total, but I think it is now something like 23 nations that have slashed rates as everyone tries to battle slowing growth.  Oh and those 23 nations that cut rates...they did it just in 2015 alone.

The next time some blowhard talking head tells you of the "global recovery" we are supposed to be in, simply laugh in their face.

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