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10.6.2014 Election Manipulation? Bookmark

We said way back in May of this year that the closer we get to the elections in November, the more they're going to paint the tape, and fudge the economic numbers. The President has been telling anyone that will listen about how many jobs he's created and how the stock market is proof that his agenda's and the work done by his Democrats has worked. But as anyone with a living brain cell knows, the stock market has NOTHING to do with the economy any more.


Investing 101 Bookmark

Welcome to Investing Basics 101! What’s this about? Over the years we’ve come to notice that an awful lot of people simply don’t know the first thing about investing. They don’t know what a stock is, why they exist, how to buy one or even why they’d want to. So, we decided to give away a little “investing basics” lesson to get people started. We aptly named it “Investing 101″ (how original).

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