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2.21.2016 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Could it be?

I’d like to take a moment to chat about our future. Now follow along with me here because I think it’s going to be important.

What is the common thinking about what’s going to happen to rates, the economy, negative interest, removal of currency, banning the 100 dollar bill, etc?  Well the common thinking goes like this….

Insiders Club - 10.12.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome back from your weekend. I truly hope it was a good one for all of you. The wife and I had a great time, as we took a little break from daily monotony and escaped to a beachfront resort for a couple days.  While we had a great time eating too much and Yes...drinking too much...the strange part of the trip was Sunday morning when we were heading home.  A water spout had formed in Tampa bay, and as it came ashore it crossed onto Interstate 75, and promptly tore the back off a Post office 18 wheel truck. That ripped the box open and sent tens of thousands of pieces of mail flying around the highway. It was indeed quite the sight to see.  Amazing display of mother nature having her way.

Insiders Club - 8.17.2015 Bookmark


Hello everyone, welcome to a new week. I certainly hope you all had a great weekend.  I almost feel guilty being up in NJ this week enjoying bright blue sky, while my wife is in FL putting up with day after day of horrible rains. (almost)  In Tampa, the rain has been so relentless that flooding is an almost daily occurrence. Before I had left to come north our local weather guy mentioned that the average rain fall for the whole year was about 26 inches and parts of Tampa had already gotten 46 inches. Where's Noah and that boat?

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