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11.30.2017 -Insider Bookmark


Hello all, welcome to the last trading day of November. Judging by the futures, it's going to be another big one. 

The market entered "melt up" mode this week, and the only comparison I can make is the crazed tech years of  98/99.  But as I said last night in the letter, this bubble is much worse. Back in 99 it was really only the techs that were in the bubble and the rest of the market just sort of went along for the ride. This time around everything is on fire. Banking, industrials, financials, small caps, mid caps, you name it. 

3.21.2017 Bookmark


Good morning all, happy Tuesday to you. 

We are going to hope that today brings us a bit more excitement.  Yesterday was like the last 15 sessions...hugging the flat line, and going nowhere fast. How flat is this market? Well, except for the times when the Central bankers have "pushed the market", check this...

1.28.2017 - Financial Intelligence Report Bookmark

Trading Questions
I’m going to take a slightly different route today, because lately I’ve been getting some really good questions about “trading” the market, and I figure it makes a lot of sense to try and answer them to a larger audience. So, for today let’s talk trading.
One question I just got was in response to a post I had made where I said that “for the average investor, it is usually not wise to trade during the first hour of the day, commonly known as amateur hour.”  The question was basically “why don’t you trade during the first hour of the open market?”  So let’s dissect that and see why.

12.11.2014 The Newsletter Is Posted! Bookmark

The most recent issue of the Financial Intelligence Report has been posted at www.investyourself.com, and I invite all of you to scoot over and read it. We are doing a tutorial session about trading options, and Wednesday nights issue was about the idea of buying "puts". We discuss what they are, how they work and why they're a good trading tool. Check it out!

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