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6.6.2016 - Insiders Club Bookmark


Good morning all, welcome to the new week. 

Our weekend didn't go as we'd hoped. After a tremendous Friday evening where the wife and I attended the opening of a hit play from England, Saturday was simply oppressively hot. You know it's hot when the candles in your garage are liquid.  But Sunday was even worse. The leading storms of the Tropical Depression were coming across our coast, bringing torrential rain and lightening on and off all day. Needless to say, our Sunday bike and beach adventure was not to be. 

6.5.2016 - Tropical Depression! Bookmark

If any of you reside on the West Coast of Florida from Tallahassee to Naples, buckle down because a Tropical Depression is scheduled to hit our coast Monday.  Stay safe out there! 

By the way, the new edition of the Financial Intelligence Report is now posted, and in that letter we discuss the jobs report, and we try and explain the real reason we can have such a lousy report, while the market flirts with all time highs. 

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